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After adjusting 2008 figures for inflation expats in Jakarta self reported paying staff Rp 1.6 — 2 mil in monthly wages depending on head of staff nanny cook etc. . For comparison that’s roughly twice average wages for Indonesian domestic staff in Malaysia ; about the same as some Indonesian maids make in Singapore; and 35% — 100% above Jakarta’s 2010 minimum wage UMP .

Is 60 million IDR nett after tax a good salary for expats

It's almost like 3 or 4 times what my dad earns per month working in the Ministry of Finance as a senior auditor. And that salary could finance my sister through her veterinary school years and me in my engineering college years and other basic

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2019/8/25& 0183;& 32;KingKong87 there is no fixed expat guideline about salaries in Indonesia not anywhere else. It's simple some companies will pay little whereas others will pay a lot same goes for the perks. I know a local General Manager who is working for an American company and his salary is around IDR100 million per month and if he terminates he will get several billion rupiah.

Take a Look into Salaries in 2020 – Indonesia Expat

Around 15 to 50 percent of the average salary increase is earned when switching jobs within similar industries – by far the highest amount amongst all fields of work. Among the roles in demand are head of engineering head of digital data analyst digital marketing manager and product manager with some examples of gross base salary range per month: Indonesia Expat

expat - Is USD2500 a good salary to live in Jakarta.

2014/2/12& 0183;& 32;Is USD2500 a good salary to live in Jakarta. Jakarta forum. Find answers to your questions in the Jakarta forum. Blogs pictures forum Jakarta on expat.com Vmatt If you don't drink your going to save tonns of money since alcohol here is easy. Smoking is cheap

Indonesia Jakarta - International Cost of Living Expat

Cost of living in Jakarta prices and what it is like to live for an Expat quality of life / hardship and compare cost of living for Expatriates as at October 2020 Jakarta: Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia.Economy: Jakarta's economy depends heavily on financial service trade and manufacturing.

ESL Jobs in Bogor Expat Indo Forum - Information and

2020/10/8& 0183;& 32;The average salary for a English Teacher is Rp 13531609 in Jakarta Indonesia.Aug 13 2020 Salary: English Teacher in Jakarta Indonesia Glassdoor 22 English Teacher Salaries in Jakarta Indonesia provided anonymously by employees.

General Manager Average Salary in Indonesia 2020 - The

A person working as a General Manager in Indonesia typically earns around 21500000 IDR per month. Salaries range from 11200000 IDR lowest to 32900000 IDR highest .This is the average monthly salary including housing transport and other benefits.

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Jakarta Expat Q and A Salary and cost of living in Jakarta Expat Q and A Salary and cost of living in Jakarta By Community Member Views 261 Hi Guys I am having a job offer at Jakarta and right now I am I am into manufacturing sector. Can you guys advise me what

Salary: Engineer in Jakarta Indonesia Glassdoor

2020/10/23& 0183;& 32;The average salary for a Engineer is Rp 73536820 in Jakarta Indonesia. Salaries estimates are based on 11 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Engineer employees in Jakarta Indonesia. Salaries for Related Job Titles

Cost of Living in Jakarta. Oct 2020. Prices in Jakarta

Officially basic salary in jakarta is about 3.000.000IDR or 240USD but that amount is very basic. you can only buy foods in local restaurant 2times a day. and rent in non AC room If you have 5.000.000IDR or 390USD you can rent a room outside Jakarta depok or bekasi is a near town from jakarta with AC room and delicious food every day max 3times a day in local restaurant and sometimes in High

Hiring a Driver in Indonesia - Expat

One expat's story with frequent accidents is: "We arrived in Jakarta about a year ago. Everything went just fine for the family until we got our brand new company car and a driver. Now two months into the driver's job he keeps having accidents a bump from a motorcycle or a car.

Is salary of US$ 10000 enough to live well in jakarta

2012/3/23& 0183;& 32;Is salary of US$ 10000 enough to live well in jakarta Jakarta forum. Find answers to your questions in the Jakarta forum. Blogs pictures forum Jakarta on expat.comIs SAR 11000 a good salary to survive in 20202020/6/3Expat Engineering Manager Salary in Yogyakarta Jakarta forum2018/11/9Is 10500RM per month good salary in KL Malaysia?2018/8/10Tallinja card 10 Euro top up - 10 euro free 2015/9/18查看更多结果

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2018/1/4& 0183;& 32;The annual salary of a chief marketing officer could range from Rp 1.5 billion US$111450 to Rp 2.925 billion a marketing director could see an annual income of around Rp 1.3 to Rp 2.34 billion

Living in Indonesia Expatriate Salary Guidelines

Jakarta International School currently requires that each student have a four-year depreciating Certifi e of Guarantee COG costing US$10000 or a one-year Non-Refundable Certifi e NRC costing $3000 for those parents paying their own fees along with

The Top 10 Cities With The Highest Salaries For Expats –

Expats dwelling in China are the last to cross the $200000 barrier with $202211 as the average salary. 5. Geneva – $185000 For Geneva the average expat salary is just shy of $185000. With many high standard banks just as Zurich tech companies and

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You can live fairly well with a normal expat salary in Indonesia. While most expats can get by with less than $1000 per month in the suburban and rural areas of Indonesia if you live in the major cities expect to spend a little bit more.

University lecturer salary - Living In Indonesia Expat Forum

Binus Faculty Professor Salary Hi guys I know it's 2014 and you may not be active anymore on this page but I'll have a job interview for full time professor faculty position at Binus I have a PhD doctorate and I'm experienced 4 years in teachng research and 10 years in private business .

Cost of Living in Indonesia Expat Arrivals

Cost of accommodation in Indonesia The cost of accommodation in Indonesia's different cities is highly variable. In general foreigners with an expat salary will be able to rent a luxurious apartment or house in the best neighbourhoods in Jakarta. Expats with a lower

Jakarta Indonesia Salary PayScale

2020/10/14& 0183;& 32;The average salary in Jakarta is Rp 125m. Trends in wages decreased by -100.0 percent in Q3 2020. The cost of living in Jakarta is 100 percent higher than the national average.

What Kind of Salary Can a Foreigner Expect in Indonesia? –

Please note that these salary figures relate to base salaries and exclude bonuses incentive schemes and stock options. Oil and Gas According to the report if you are a business development manager at an oil and gas company you can expect to earn somewhere between Rp.50 million US$3750 and Rp.100 million US$7500 per month in salary.

2019/20 Average Salary Survey - PROJECT MANAGER

Average salary for Project Manager in Jakarta Indonesia is IDR 449006445. Average take home earning is IDR 363814000 Net . The most typical salary is IDR 402880000 Gross . These data are from our visitors surveys 12 individual salaries .

Expat salaries and cost of living in Nairobi Expat Arrivals

Hi I just got a business offer for one year in Nairobi net salary is USD 3500 accommodation in a rented apartment 3 br transportation medical insurance. Pls tell me if this salary is enough to save from it if I will be living alone and how much will it cost me per

Is a gross salary of $170k USD in Jakarta good? - Quora

After tax it would be $120k So $10k a month Not bad lets see rent house in pondok indah ? The lowest it can be is only $18k a year you get 100 metres square house behind pondok indah mall 1. Or more fancy house you can get it with $45k a year. L

Where Expats Earn The Highest Salary Infographic

2018/2/28& 0183;& 32;Three other Asian cities join Mumbai at the top of the expat salary league - Shanghai $202200 Jakarta $152600 and Average annual salary of expatriate workers in

Is 11.5 million IDR a good salary in Jakarta Indonesia? -

No To live comfortable in Jakarta you will need at least 50 millions for a single and definitely more for a family. No one is being realistic here and mind you you must plan for your future. If you are home staying yes 11.5 millions is ok.

Expatriate Jobs in Indonesia Glassdoor

Search Expatriate jobs in Indonesia with company ratings and salaries. 93 open jobs for Expatriate in Indonesia. Persyaratan Min. bachelor Degree secretary or related or any major 3-6 years experience as secretary for expatriate English is MUST Mandarin is PLUS… English is MUST Mandarin is PLUS…

Salaries for expats in Nigeria Expat Arrivals

Expat salaries in Nigeria Expats looking to gauge their salary expectations before relo ing to Nigeria should bear in mind three vital considerations: Jobs in Nigeria's oil sector are far more lucrative than in any other sector A large salary will not necessarily translate

General Guidelines for Staff Salaries and Allowances - Expat

2020/4/13& 0183;& 32;In addition to salary some employers provide a food allowance or will provide basic food items such as rice sugar tea coffee and oil and supplement it with the food allowance. Some employers many choose to simply work this into the salary so that the staff is

Expats in Jakarta Ranked as 8th Highest-Paid Expats In TheSecure Site

In 2018 foreigners working in Mumbai earned an average of $217165 more than double the global expat average of $99903. The city is notable as having a high share of expat workers who were relo ed by their existing employers and that helps explain the high salary Indonesia Expat

Minimum Wage in Indonesia UMP : A guide for Expats -

The UMP for Jakarta has doubled over the past five years increasing from Rp 1.68 million in 2012 to Rp 3.35 million in 2017. At the opposite of the spectrum the four provinces with the lowest UMP are all in Java where economic development is still low.

Indonesia PayScale

Indonesia - Get a free salary comparison based on job title skills experience and edu ion. Accurate reliable salary and compensation comparisons for Indonesia Do career research and find in

Asian Countries with the Best Expat Pay Packages

Expat pay packages in Singapore increased across the board in 2018 with yearly salaries climbing by almost US$5000 while benefits went up by US$6400 on average. "This is good news for companies with employees currently living in Singapore as the relatively high cash salary and benefits and low taxes result in less expense for employers when relo ing staff to the country" said Mr Quane.

Average Salary in Indonesia 2020 - The Complete Guide

Salaries in Indonesia range from 3070000 IDR per month minimum salary to 54200000 IDR per month maximum average salary actual maximum is higher . Median Salary The median salary is 11400000 IDR per month which means that half 50% of the population are earning less than 11400000 IDR while the other half are earning more than 11400000 IDR.

Top 10 Differences To Know About Expat Living in

Top 10 Differences To Know About Expat Living in Jakarta Indonesia and Mumbai India By: Kaho If you were to compare two mega cities to live as expats doing so with Jakarta of Indonesia aka a Big Durian and Mumbai of India aka a Maximum City would be a fun

Cost of Living in Jakarta. Updated Prices Oct 2020.

2020/10/25& 0183;& 32;List of prices in Jakarta Indonesia for food housing transportation going out and more on Oct 2020. Compare the Cost of Living in Jakarta with any other city in the world. Prices recently added Public transport in San Luis costs ARS $880 9 minutes ago

Cost of Living in Jakarta for Expats Jakarta100bars

Cost of Living in Jakarta: This article was updated in June 2011. Thanks for those who sent me feedback. The cost of living in Jakarta for an expat can be very different whether you try or not to buy products or services that are imported.Generally speaking things are

Salary: Manager in Jakarta Indonesia Glassdoor

2020/10/22& 0183;& 32;The average salary for a Manager is Rp 437123936 in Jakarta Indonesia. Salaries estimates are based on 16 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Manager employees in Jakarta Indonesia. Salaries for Related Job Titles

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2017/12/27& 0183;& 32;What will be salary for an Indian expats with 10 years of Experience? Jakarta forum. Find answers to your questions in the Jakarta forum. Blogs pictures forum Jakarta on expat


& 0183;& 32;Kelly Services and Intelligence Indonesia are pleased to present the 2017 Salary Guide. The salary ranges in this Guide are based on actual transactions between employers and employees of Kelly Services and Intelligence Indonesia and represent a reflection of the

What is Jakarta salary levels for an expat? - Quora

The Question is tricky as it asks "salary level for expats" and not the expat Salary Just to begin with very basic rule- expats are hired in two ways in Indonesia or any other country- 1. As an expatriate 2. As a local As a local hire- they get

2019 Salary Expectations in Indonesia – Indonesia Expat

Michael Page’s 2019 Salary Benchmark lists the following key trends: A 15-25 percent average salary increase when job switching within similar industries for the same function A continued demand growth of 30 – 40 percent for digital talent An increase of Indonesia Expat

What is the Expat Living Cost in Jakarta? - Emerhub

2014/1/15& 0183;& 32;Spoiled expat: chooses to live western lifestyle in Jakarta Rent Renting a 50m2 apartment in a “good” area of Jakarta costs about 500-1000 USD/mo. Most of the time “good” will mean either Central Jakarta Pusat or South Jakarta Selatan . If you are looking to

Mumbai is home to world's highest paid foreigners

The Maximum city also pipped the likes of Shanghai 4 Jakarta 8 and Hong Kong 9 the other three Asian cities which featured alongside US and European cities in top 10 expat salary rankings. In total 31 cities were home to average earnings of more than $100000 Rs 6476500 .

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The average gross salary in Jakarta is $15323.86 a year $1277 per month and $7.37 an hour. These numbers differ slightly between industries and the job title so you might want to check out the specific salary of a particular job. 2019 salaries are about 2% higher than those of 2018 and the trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in the coming years.

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